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CoLab Inside/Outside

For this weeks assignment, I chose to tackle prompts one, two, three, and four. These were the assignments that fit my time frame and interested me the most.

Prompt One: Letter to my future self

letter to self part 1Letter to self part 2

envelope cover

I chose to not address my letter to a specific address because I don’t know where I will be located in the future.

Prompt Two: Conceptualize, Design, & Document your Pandemic Aesthetic 

sticker design

I have felt very creative this week of quarantine. This is how I chose to represent that.

Prompt Three: Interview someone you haven’t talked to in a while

I chose to interview my childhood bestfriend, Audrey Schmale. She moved to Massachusetts in 2015 and we’ve struggled to stay in touch since. Audrey is a very talented singer and songwriter. I chose to structure her interview like the 73 question videos that vogue produces and treat her like the celebrity she soon will be! Here is the transcript below. (and yes it is called voguegorl)


Prompt Four: Exquisite COLAB

john and lila

I made a collaborative piece with my dad. We used multiple different mediums such as paint, marker, pencil, collage etc. We ended up incorporating newspaper clippings on the corona virus, giving the piece a narrative. My dad and I are both very interested in color, design and texture. We had a great time working on this piece together and observing each other’s artistic processes. I think collaborating with another person really pushes you to adapt and forces you to be openminded.




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