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Quarantine Challenge

Day One: “Lila with her own unique style” 2005 vs 2020

Day Two: Lila’s Fort


Day Three: My Custom Made Mask

I created the base structure of the mask first and then layered recycled fabric over top! I also used newspaper clippings that discuss the virus and layered them on the mask as well.

Day Four: Clothing Collage

fabric piece

This piece was created using strips of old recycled fabric and a LOT of gel medium. In addition to the fabric, I used an assortment of yarn and beads that I found lying around my house.

Day Five: My Research on High Wasted Jeans

High wasted jeans are obviously created out of denim. Denim is a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile in which the weft passes underneath the warp threads. The most common type of denim is indigo denim which consists of dyed warp threads and white, untouched weft threads. Originally, denim was created using indigo dye extracted from the dried and fermented leaves of the plant Indigofera tinctoria. Today, most denim is dyed with synthetic indigo dye in order to meet the high demand for the product. With either use of dye (natural or synthetic) the fabric is dipped multiple times. The fabric can be made darker or lighter depending on the amount of times it is dipped. Most denim today is woven on a shuttleless loom but some still choose to practice the traditional method using a shuttle loom.
Jeans were first created in 1873 by Jacob W Davis. Davis was a tailor from Nevada. He created jeans upon a request from a woman for a durable pair of pants for her husband to chop wood in. Jeans quickly became very popular among miners and workers who needed a sturdy more protective layer of clothing. Jeans were associated with cowboys and the Hollywood movie stars that played them in movies. They were predominantly worn by men at this point in history.
High wasted jeans were first introduced to society in the 1940’s when Levi began producing them for women working for the war effort. High wasted jeans allowed women to remain modest while bending down to work. They were not considered fashionable until 1952 when Marilyn Monroe wore a pair in the film “River of No Return”. High wasted fashion has faded in and out of style throughout history but was predominantly popular in the 70s and 80s.

Day Six: Portrait Day

My replication of the George Washington Lansdowne Portrait.


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